Sinopec Guests Visited YM Silica Gel Factory


On August 22, the four guests of Sinopec Group Company braved the rain to inspect and visit Yiming silicagel factory. Mr. Wang Xiuhui, general manager of Yiming enterprise group and Mr. Yang Pengshan, deputy general manager of silica gel production management, held cordial and friendly talks with them.


Sinopec leaders firstly visited each silica gel production workshop of Yiming with great interest, appreciated the advanced production equipment and strict quality management measures of our company, and conducted professional guidance and exchange on various product parameters.


After visiting the workshop, the two sides communicated with each other on the R & D and production of silicone series products in the conference room of Yiming enterprise sales center; The leaders of Sinopec also put forward a keen period for the next strategic cooperation.


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