YM Managers Visited Model Factory for Safety Management


To improve the company's safety management level, on the afternoon of April 7th, senior leaders of the company led a team to organize company management personnel to learn safety management work in excellent chemical enterprises.


To enhance the learning effect, the company has specially invited safety experts to give a full explanation. Under the leadership of experts, Yiming employees visited the factory and production workshop of the enterprise, experiencing the standardized site layout, safe and reasonable route laying, orderly placement of product raw materials, standardized and tidy identification signs, and clean and tidy environmental hygiene of the enterprise; The company's serious and rigorous work attitude and standardized management level have left a deep impression on everyone.



The company leaders summarized this learning activity and stated that they should identify their own gaps and outstanding problems by comparing excellent enterprises, develop rectification and improvement measures, ensure that the learning results are implemented as soon as possible, and create a good safety atmosphere and environmental image for the enterprise and employees. The implementation of this safety management learning activity has further strengthened everyone's attention to the standardization of safety management, clarified the direction of the company's safety management efforts, and better applied the learning results and experience to daily work. Starting from now, starting from small things, we will promote the company's safety management work to a new level.

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