Yiming Hold Training to Control Non-conforming Products


On May 31, under the leadership of Manager Chang of the Quality Management Department, a training exchange meeting for all staff of the Quality Department was held on the operation document of "Nonconforming Product Control Procedures". The content of the document covers the responsibilities for the control of non-conforming products, the control procedures and handling procedures for various abnormal situations of non-conforming products. The formulation of documents provides document support for the handling of raw materials, finished products, and   manufactured products inabnormal situations.


Through the training, all the staff of the quality department have mastered the control procedures of non-conforming products and the process of abnormal handling, and further clarified the department's responsibilities including the judgment of non-conforming products, coordination of disposal, quality control and emergency handling methods when quality abnormalities occur.

The revision and implementation of the "Nonconforming Product Control Procedures" has important practical significance for the improvement of the company's product quality and the unexpected use of non-conforming products, and provides quality assurance for the company to enhance its brand competitiveness.

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