Silica Gel Adsorbent _ Type Z Silica Gel

Silica Gel Adsorbent _ Type Z Silica Gel


Silica Gel Adsorbent _ Type Z Silica Gel

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The appearance of type Z silica gel is white, transparent or translucent.Because its interior struchtre is a uniform microporous structure, the physical-chemical properties are stable, thermal stability is good and mechanical strength is high. Its average pore diamater is 8.0-120.nm,specific surface area is 300-500m²/g,pore volume is 0.8-1.1mL/g, specific heat is 0.92KJ/kg·℃,and thermal conductivity is 0.167KJ/m·℃.


This product is mainly used in petroleum chemical industry catalyst preparation of molecular materials. Also it is widely used in the refined aromatic hydrocarbons removal of petrochemical producuts. In addition, it can also be used for selective adsorption of organic gases, liquids separation and the removal of many harmful elements of the water such as multivallence during the ion-exchange.

Technical Specifications:

ItemsParametersTypical Data

Particle passrate   %            ≥

below 150 μmbelow 380 μmbelow 150 μm
Bulk density        g/L          300300440

Surface area      m²/g         

Pore volume       mL/g0.8-1.10.8-1.11.0
Loss on drying     %           ≤10106


Bags of 20kg.


Packing and specification can be customized.